Bristech Conference 2016 programme - workshops


IMPORTANT NOTE - Cinema 2 only seats 40, so availability for workshop spaces are limited.

Cinema 2


Cuppa - a testing framework for Java 8

Joe Bandenburg

Java 8 introduced lambda functions to the language, which allows developers to structure their code in exciting new ways. In this session we introduce Cuppa, a testing framework written for specifically for Java 8, and we take a look at how it could help you write tests faster and with more clarity.



Be one of the 10%: How to have a successful startup - Part 1

Alice Sowerby and Steve Clark

Don’t build your product until you’ve learned the secrets of the Business Model Canvas. This simple tool, used correctly, drastically improves your chances of becoming a successful entrepreneur. In this session we introduce you to the BMC and demonstrate how it reduces risk and improves focus for your startup.





Be one of the 10%: How to have a successful startup - Part 2

Alice Sowerby and Steve Clark

Following on from part 1. In this session we give you techniques for using the BMC to find a validated business model for your idea so you can be sure you’re investing your time and money in building the right product.





Young Entrepreneurs Networking Association (YENA) - "What can we learn from young tech leaders?"

Panel session chaired by Ash Phillips (YENA) with guests Callum Short, Alex Marshall and Tom Dewhurst:

  • Callum is the 19 year old founder of Beambox - a tool that helps businesses reach customers with free Wi-Fi hotspots and marketing software.
  • Alex is the business development manager at Coherent - a tool to help manage workspaces and connect the communities within them.
  • Tom is the founder of Ordoo - the compoany determined to make someone's day; Ordoo saves busy people time ordering food and drink.




Matt Bates

IMPORTANT NOTE - - We kindly ask that you pre-register here for this workshop, in order for cloud access to be arranged in advance.

With almost 40k commits and now close to 1000 contributors from across industry and the community, Kubernetes is truly growing up. Once a secret infrastructure technology only available within the walls of Google datacentres, as open source it is now being widely adopted to deploy and manage containers in the cloud - everything from tech-savvy startups to the largest of enterprises.
This workshop will introduce the core concepts that you need to know and put them into practice with a hands-on session to deploy containerised microservices into the cloud.
If you've heard about Kubernetes and want to get more familiar and hands-on, or you're completely new to it and already using Docker containers and want to take the next step towards containers in production, come along and join us.





Spring Boot and RESTful web services

Bartosz Jedrzejewski

Spring Boot and RESTful web services Spring Boot is a microservice technology that makes it possible to start developing microservices within minutes. The idea behind this session is to show how easy it is and to actually write a non-trivial Spring Boot REST microservice. If time permits, I would like to at least introduce topics such as persistence, session management and code reuse.

PREREQUISITES: laptop with Java 8 installed and an IDE